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Training Center

Nilesat training center provides all the technical training to Nilesat engineering team. The training center performs the basic training concerning: the satellite communications, Microwave Engineering and Microwave antenna systems. Also it provides the professional training including: the satellite orbitography, the satellite systems, the control ground stations, the automatic monopulse tracking systems, the satellite orbits perturbations and propagation, the on-board and GCS software, the satellite in-orbit control operations and the emergency operations.

The training incudes practical sessions on the satellite dynamic simulators and utilizing the satellite control centers (SCC) and control ground stations of Nilesat satellites.

The training center provides also the training in the domains of: Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) theory, compression Techniques: IMPEG-2 and IMPEG-4 suits, encryption theory, digital modulation and multiplexing systems.


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