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Booking Center

To follow up the fast growing of Nilesat space and ground system occasional use the booking center is established in June 2002 to handle the booking requests of the registered and New customers on Nilesat. Nilesat provides different services through the booking center:


  • Nilesat provides the Single Channel Per Carrier services within our coverage area with different bandwidths and modulation types according to customer requirements in bandwidth, symbol rate & Forward Error Correction ratio, on condition that the SNG unit is tested and approved by Nilesat.
  • Uplinking services from European countries and from some areas in Africa are available now on Nilesat.
  • Successful uplinks have been done from some remote areas in Europe such as Germany, Italy ,England & Moscow, and in Africa like Ethiopia and Somalia using the 2m SNG unit for uplinking and larger antenna systems for reception.

Feed Services:

Customers can easily feed their programs using Nilesat system, Nilesat provides this service in many different ways:

  • Either through ourMultiple Channels Per Carrier system in 6th October city station which is linked withEgyptian Radio & Television Unionand the Media Production City where customers can feed their programs too.
  • Or through our MCPC system in Gawrat Al Ballout in Lebanon.
  • Or even through our Playout center in 6th October city station.

Turn Around services:

Customer can use Nilesat facilities to receive his feeds from remote satellites and then retransmit it again on one of Nilesat satellites which is easily received within the coverage area.
Even when uplinking on Nilesat from remote areas with larger antennas it can be received and retransmitted again by Nilesat systems to be received easily with small antenna systems.

How to contact our BOOKING CENTER:

  • Tel. no. : +202-38400121, Ext.:263 +202-38400118
  • Fax : +202-25749220
  • Em@il :


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