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NileSat 201

It is one of the Nilesat’s second generation satellites. It is manufactured by Thales Alenia Space Company. It was launched by Ariane 5 Rocket in 4th of August 2010. Nilesat 201 will replace Nilesat 101 which is expected to terminate its mission in 2013.
It also meets the growing demands for Nilesat space capacities within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, to maintain Nilesat’s leading position among the regional satellite operators.
Nilesat 201 has 24 Ku-band and 4 ka-band transponders. Its coverage includes MENA region, including the GULF region, and full coverage of Sudan and East of Africa.

Orbital Position
Uplink Band & Polarization
Downlink Band & Polarization
No. Of Transponders
Transponder Bandwidth
Channel Transmitted Power
Launching Date
Transmitting Antenna Gain
Receiving Antenna Gain
G/T Ratio
Launch Mass
Maneuver Life Time
Receiving Dish Diameter Within The Coverage


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