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Technical Information

NileSat 102 was launched on the Ariane 4, manufactured by the European company Matra Marconi Space (Astrium) Nilesat 102 has been launched in August 2000 . has life time of 15 years.carries 12 Ku-band transponders of 33 MHz bandwidth to provide digital communications and terrestrial Direct-to-Home TV, Radio Broadcasting, Multimedia and Data services for countries in North Africa, South Europe and the Middle East.

Launch Information
Launch Date
Launch Vehicle
Launch Mass
Orbital Information
Satellite Manufacturer
Orbital Position
Stabilization System
Station Keeping Co-location Accuracy
System Power Consumption (Max)
Expected Life Time
Payload Information
EIRP (Max.)
G/T (Max.)
Downlink Frequency Band (KU)
Uplink Frequency Band (KU)
Transponder Bandwidth
Transponder Output Power
TWTA Redundancy
aturation Flux Density (FGM) *london Horn
Transponder Gain Range
Operation Information
Receiving Dish Diameter
Operation Start Date


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